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This article is about the character from the TV Series.
You may be looking for Baloo, Baloo (original), Baloo (2016), Baloo (1994), Baloo (Mowgli's Story), Baloo (2018), Baloo (1997), Baloo (Shōnen Mowgli), Baloo (Jetlag film), Baloo (Adventures of Mowgli), Baloo (Mowgli's Brothers) or Baloo (1990).

Baloo is a hungry male Himalayan brown bear that is bipedal, wears glasses, and he's Mowgli's mentor. Baloo likes to tell stories of the jungle.


Baloo's extremely smart due to being a teacher of the jungle laws and can be very serious during Mowgli's lessons, but very gentle and kind when he needs to be. He is very protective towards Mowgli when it comes to threats like Shere Khan. Despite his great size, it has been proven time and time again that Baloo is no match for Shere Khan, but he will do anything within his power to help or defend Mowgli. He even threatened to turn Jacala into a belt fit for a mosquito if he harmed Mowgli in the episode Mowgli's Log.

Baloo however has no time for tomfoolery from anyone and his patience often runs out so fast, though that's not to say he can't have fun when he feels it's the appropriate time.

Baloo also holds grudges mainly with Shere Khan as stated earlier, but also with a female brown bear named Bella, whom he was reluctant to start a relationship with her again after she betrayed him to be killed off by Shere Khan so she could rule the jungle.


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