This is a picture of the birds which helped Mowgli escape and the smiley rhino.


Place of Origin:The Seeonee hills
Death: Unknown
Appears in: Mowgli's Brothers, Kaa's Hunting, Red Dog

Chil was a kite bird that helped Mowgli escape from the Bandar-Log. Mowgli used the Master language to talk to Chil and relay the message of where he was to Baloo and Bagheera. He also helped out and wasn't just in Mowgli's story.

Appears in Edit

  • Jungle Book
  • Chil was filled vultures
  • Adventures of Mowgli
  • Chil appeared 3 episodes of film, But appears in Kidnapping scene, has message in Council Rock, Fighting him Red Dogs, But Akela dying. In Final Scene of film Chil now windowed.
  • Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli
  • Chil He's Message But Akela's Pack and Hathi.


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