"Under The Jungle Sun/Moon" is a holiday like song featured in Junglemon Panther and Bear and sung by Colonel Hathi and The Jungle Patrol. It is the first one in the film and was written by The Sherman Brothers. A reprise of it is heard in the middle of the film when Colonel Hathi makes his second appearance. It was also featured in The Jungle Book 2.

This song was included on the VHS, Disney Sing Along Songs: You Can Fly!

Lyrics Edit

(First Lyrics)

All: Hup two three four

Keep it up, two three four

Hup two three four Keep it up, two three four

Hathi: Company, sound off!


I could get used to this heat on my skin I can feel every day, I'm a little bit stronger I only wish each day was longer

Yeah! We're having fun in the sun (the Jungle sun) Week after week It's just like we're on vacation

Yeah! Now our journey's begun, Friends 'til the end Number one's our destination

Under the Jungular sun Junglebook!

(Ultra Necessities Lyrics)

Baloo: Lyrics

(Colonel Hathi, Shere Khan, Bagheera, King Louie) We've been preparing Sharing Training Studying A to Z Bonding Battling Laughing Gettin' crazy, you and me 'Cause it's coming soon When we all meet our destiny Under the Jungle moon Junglebook!


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