Father Wolf

File:Father Wolf.jpg

Species:Indian wolf
Place of Origin:The Seeonee hills
Death: Died of unspecified causes
Appears in: Mowgli's Brothers, Tiger! Tiger!, Letting In the Jungle

Father Wolf was the mate of Raksha, father of Grey Brother, and adoptive father of Mowgli.

Father Wolf discovered Mowgli when he investigated a noise outside the cave den where his mate Raksha (Mother Wolf) was suckling her cubs. Instead of the tiger Shere Khan, he was startled to see a naked human baby emerge from the bush. At Raksha's request he brought the "man's cub" to her and she decided to adopt him and name him Mowgli. Father Wolf died at about the same time as Raksha, when Mowgli was about 14 years old, and Mowgli mourned them and sealed their bodies in their cave.

Media portrayalsEdit

  • In the Disney film version of The Jungle Book, Father Wolf is named "Rama". In the books, his name was never given; Rama was the name of a buffalo in the human village that Mowgli briefly joins.
  • In the Japanese anime called Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli, Father Wolf is named Alexander. He has bluish-black fur and plays a larger role than in the book; it is him, not Luri (Raksha) who faces Shere Khan. He is also the leader of the pack along side Akela. Years later, during a fire, he sacrifices his life by fighting off Shere Khan in a desperate attempt to protect his pack and family. Mowgli also has fond memories of his adoptive father.
  • In the 3D CGI animated TV series, Father Wolf is called Daruka. He has maple brown fur with amber eyes.
  • Adventures of Mowgli Voice Russia Dub Alexander Nazarov as A. Nazarov role Voice Kaa
  • In Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, Father Wolf is called Vihaan.


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