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You may be looking for Father wolf (original), Father wolf (Mowgli's Story), Vihaan, Alexander, Father wolf (Jetlag film), Father wolf (Adventures of Mowgli), Father wolf (Mowgli's Brothers), Daruka or Father wolf (1990).

Father Wolf was the mate of Raksha, father of Gray Brother, and adoptive father of Mowgli.


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The Jungle Book (original)[]

Father Wolf discovered Mowgli when he investigated a noise outside the cave den where his mate Raksha (Mother Wolf) was suckling her cubs. Instead of the tiger Shere Khan, he was startled to see a naked human baby emerge from the bush. At Raksha's request he brought the "man's cub" to her and she decided to adopt him and name him Mowgli. Father Wolf died at about the same time as Raksha, when Mowgli was about 14 years old, and Mowgli mourned them and sealed their bodies in their cave.

The Jungle Book (1967)[]

As narrated by Bagheera, the newborn Mowgli is taken to Rama and his mate in the hopes that they would care for the baby. While Raksha is immediately enamored, and Rama accepts the boy, helping her to raise him for 10 years.

When Shere Khan returns to the wolves' part of the jungle, Rama is present at a meeting meant to determine Mowgli's future. As Shere Khan has sworn to kill Mowgli and all who protected him, the wolf pack elders decide to send Mowgli away, as even the pack would not be strong enough to face Shere Khan.

Rama complains in Mowgli's favor, stating that the boy is like his own son and thus; is entitled to the pack's protection. Rama also states Mowgli would likely not survive alone in the jungle. However, Bagheera volunteers to take Mowgli to a Man Village he knows of. Rama watches as Bagheera heads off.

Voices of Father Wolf[]

Ben Wright - The Jungle Book

Roddy McDowall - Mowgli's Brothers

Michael Rudder - Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli

Michael Bell - The Jungle Book (1990)

Jim Byrnes - Adventures of Mowgli

Michael Donovan - The Jungle Book (1995)

One fact, that Rama is rumored to appear in The jungle Book (2016) and to be voiced Ralph Fiennes, But, Switched to Akela.


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