Jacala is a mugger crocodile from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.


In "Red Dog", it is stated that Mowgli broke a knife on Jacala's back during a protracted fight with him.

Portrayals in mediaEdit

  • Jacala appears in the CGI-Series as a villain. He tends to prey on anyone who ventures in his territory.
  • A crocodile resembling Jacala was seen in two episodes of Jungle Cubs, also as a villain.
  • A crocodile that may or may not be Jacala was seen in the anime Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli episode "Cold Fang" where it tried to make a meal out of Mowgli while he was caught in a clamp-trap, only for Baloo to get in the way. Much later, both Mowgli and Baloo find a croc, possibly the same one, stuck in the same trap, but Mowgli frees it (with some persuasion from Baloo) and the crocodile leaves on neutral terms. It is noted that all crocodiles of the show were identified as alligators: the only Asian alligator is the Chinese alligator, but they are too small and aren't found in India.
  • A trio of crocodiles were seen in the Russian-made Adventures of Mowgli, one of them could be Jacala, but none of them are identified. They are shown as friendly-neighbors here as they welcome Mowgli and some wolves in their pond with open arms.


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