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This character has multiple pages, because of it's differences in all the differend movies, series and books.
This article is about the character from the TV Series.
You may be looking for Jacala, Jacala (original), Jacala (Adventures of Mowgli), Jacala (1942) or Jacala (Shōnen Mowgli).

Jacala is a male crocodile, and secondary antagonist in the 3D TV series. He could eat anyone that trespasses into his territory.


Jacala is shown to be quiet, sneaky, and mean but not as mean as Shere Khan, as seen in Bagheera in The Man Village when he asked for help to save his swamp. He also expresses a soft side to his sons to a degree like in the episode Crocodile Tears where he is crying over his missing sons.


The Jungle Book (TV series)[]

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