Messua's husband

Place of Origin:The Village
Death: Died of unspecified causes
Appears in: Tiger! Tiger!, Letting In the Jungle

Messua's husband was the richest man in an Indian village. His wife Messua decided to adopt the wild boy Mowgli, who had strayed out of the jungle, because she believed him to be their long-lost son Nathoo. Her husband was initially as enthusiastic as she was, but the boy's ignorance of village customs resulted in some embarrassing incidents for which he was penalised; early editions of The Jungle Book mention an incident in which he has to placate the village priest with silver, but this is cut from later editions.

When Buldeo, the village's chief hunter, learned that Mowgli could command wolves, he accuses the boy of being a sorcerer and had him driven from the village. Messua and her husband were sentenced to death for harbouring him. Learning of their incarceration just in time, Mowgli returned and rescues them, but his adopted father was not happy at having to leave most of his money behind.

Six or seven years later Mowgli learned that Messua and her husband settled in a new village where he fathered another son but died soon after. Mowgli showed no grief at his death and did not inquire as to the cause.