Place of Origin:The Village
Death: Killed by a tiger (arguably Shere Khan
Appears in: Tiger! Tiger! (mentioned only),The Spring Running (mentioned only)

Nathoo was the long-lost son of Messua and her husband, who had been snatched by a tiger (arguably, Shere Khan); when Mowgli left the jungle and arrived in their village, they assumed that he was Nathoo returned to them (which may or may not be true).

Non-canon appearencesEdit

Kipling's stage adaptation, The Jungle Play (written 1899 but unpublished until 2000), states explicitly that Mowgli is not Nathoo. In this version of the story Messua has only recently lost her son and is under the delusion that Mowgli's changed appearance and behaviour are the result of amnesia from having lived wild in the jungle. Mowgli has seen the real Nathoo's body in the jungle, but spares Messua the truth.