Sahi, also known as Ikki, is an Indian porcupine.


Portrayals in MediaEdit

Ikki appears in the Russian version Adventures of Mowgli, where he seems to be a father, as two young porcupines were once shown with him.

A pair of porcupines appeared in an episode of the anime Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli. Either of them could be Ikki, but they weren't identified.

Ikki has a cameo in Disney's Live Action duplicate film.

Ikki also appears in "The Porcupine and the Poison People", a story in Pamela Jekel's Kipling pastiche The Third Jungle Book. In the story, Mowgli and Ikki spend some time playing tricks on each other until Mowgli falls into a nest of hostile cobras and Ikki has to bring help.


  • In earlier editions, he was called Sahi (साही Sāhī, "porcupine"). In later editions, he was called Ikki. Kipling may have changed the name because he felt that the porcupine needed a more "prickly-sounding" name.


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