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Shanti is a minor character in The Jungle Book and the tritagonist in the sequel. She is Mowgli's village friend and love interest/eventual girlfriend who was voiced by Darleen Carr and later by Mae Whitman.

Personality Traits[]

Bubbly, serious, practical, introverted, beautiful, strict, mature, sassy, flirtatious, romantic, brainy, kind, seductive, loving, smart, naive, caring, sensible, sweet, feisty, feminine, selfless, snarky, easily irritated, ambitious, gallant, bossy, flirty, maternal, no-nonsense, friendly, cautious, protective


Mowgli, spending time and flirting with Mowgli, peeling mangoes, shadow puppet shows, the jungle, winking at Mowgli, dancing, music, fantasies


The jungle (formerly), breaking rules, pranks



When Walt Disney and his creative crew couldn't advise a way to lure Mowgli into the Man Village, one member then suggested having a girl lure him into the village, and the idea stuck. Though Walt actually got the idea himself after reading the endings to both volumes of The Jungle Book. Despite advising his story team and animators not to read Kipling's original novels. From there he found it in The Spring Running from The Second Jungle Book, was a scene at the end where Mowgli watches a minor girl character that strolled down a path. Shanti was a polite, quiet, sweet, and beautiful young lady in the first film, and in the second film, she transformed into a careful, timid yet still sweet Girl.


Shanti is best described as a sweet, introverted, loyal, rational, hard-working, and beautiful young girl who has an obvious crush on Mowgli (a feeling he reciprocates) and finds him charming, despite having great fear of the jungle in contrast to Mowgli's obsession of it and disapproving of his occasional rebelliousness. For a long time, Shanti suffered from agrizoophobia (fear of wild animals) and could not bear the thought of all the potential dangers that might be in the jungle, preferring to stay in a safe environment at all times instead. but has great fear of the jungle in contrast to Mowgli's obsession of it. She fears nearly every animal the jungle has to offer including snakes, tigers, bears, and even bats. Shanti and Mowgli both have different opinions on the jungle usually leading to friendly or sometimes serious arguments. Even though there is no relation, Shanti treats Mowgli's adoptive brother Ranjan as if he's her little brother. She takes some of her time to feed Ranjan, burp him like an infant, change his clothes, and teach him how to behave and stay safe. Shanti is very courageous deep inside but never found the right motivation to nurture her potential until Mowgli entered her life. That time came when she forced herself out of her comfort zone and entered the jungle to save Mowgli, whom she believed was kidnapped. Shanti would soon confront her deepest fear when she was hypnotized by Kaa. After Ranjan saved her from the snake, Shanti shows considerably less symptoms of her agrizoophobia, suggesting that her encounter with Kaa may have worked on her like exposure therapy. She also gradually shows more confidence in the jungle, such as being able to focus more on finding Mowgli instead of maintaining vigilance and finding the courage to defend herself, Mowgli, and Ranjan when Baloo "attacked" them, rather than panicking like she did the night before. After the skirmish with Shere Khan, Shanti was finally purged of her agrizoophobia for good.

Despite Shanti's initial fear of wild animals, she displayed no desire to harm them. This is shown when she told Ranjan to leave Kaa alone, despite knowing he tried to eat her moments before. This also shows that Shanti is a forgiving person even to those who have wronged her, as demonstrated by her reaction to the prank Mowgli and Ranjan played on her. After being pushed into the village river and left soaking wet, Shanti scolded Mowgli for the cruel mischief but held no grudge against him, showcasing her maturity. However, when she found out that Mowgli tried to have Baloo scare her away in case she found him, she was truly hurt and found it difficult to forgive the boy to the point where she refused to listen to Mowgli's attempts to explain himself.

Despite Shanti's serious nature, she is far from being devoid of child-like traits and often displays her playful side. Especially around Mowgli, who is capable of charming her into loosening up and letting out her fun-loving side, and occasionally she enjoys flirting with him. Despite her flirtatious attitude, Shanti tends to deny her true feelings for Mowgli when she is around other people, fearing it would make her a subject of mockery.

An introvert, Shanti generally prefers to keep her thoughts to herself, though she is comfortable with expressing her feelings to someone she can trust. She is also somewhat self-conscious about her appearance and actions. As such, she is not as sociable as most of her peers and only expresses her deepest fantasies about her adulthood when she is, or thinks she is, alone. Nevertheless, Shanti is impressed by Mowgli's popularity among the village children and gladly participates in entertaining activities set up by Mowgli, though usually only after Mowgli has managed to charm her. After successfully amusing her, Shanti usually shows her appreciation and gratitude by blinking her eyes at Mowgli to remind him of the day they first met, knowing the boy has a soft spot for her beautiful eyes.


Shanti is a small, slender, pre-teen girl with long black hair, brown eyes, medium skin, a red bindi, pink lips, both black eyebrows and eyelashes, gold hoop earrings, and goes barefoot. She wears a short skintight white choli that opens her belly, lehenga skirt made from cotton, a long skirt that closed her belly button and white panties.

Film Appearances[]

The Jungle Book[]

Shanti makes her brief appearance and plays a minor role as an unnamed beautiful peasant girl near the end of The Jungle Book. On the way to the man village, Mowgli spots a creature he has never seen before: a human girl. Mowgli requests a better look, and while Baloo unsuccessfully attempts to stop him, Bagheera gleefully encourages him on. Shanti stops by a river near the village entrance to collect water in her jug. Before doing so, she takes a moment to fantasize about owning her own home and family as the dazzled Mowgli looks on. Mowgli falls off the branch of the tree he was looking down at her from and into the river, where he is easily noticed by and instantly by the young maiden.

Curious about the mysterious newcomer and instantly infatuated and smitten with him, Shanti tries to politely convince him to come with her to the village, only to be met with reluctance and timidness. Not wanting to force him to come, Shanti fills her jug with water and heads back to the village until she notices Mowgli is following her. Hoping to lead him into the village, she pretends to accidentally drop the jug. Mowgli refills the jug and offers it to her, only to receive flirting and charming signals from the girl as she offers him to come with her to the village. Mowgli falls for her trick and follows her. At the village entrance, Mowgli hesitates and looks back at his animal guardians across the river with uncertainty. As Shanti stops by the gate to see if Mowgli is coming, she briefly winks at him, and the man-cub looks into her beautiful flirtatious and romantic eyes and becomes infatuated and smitten with her. Unable to resist his humanity, Mowgli accompanies Shanti to the village and begins a new life.

The Jungle Book 2[]

Shanti makes her biggest appearance in The Jungle Book 2, serving as the tritagonist of The Jungle Book 2, taking place two years after The Jungle Book. Since the end of the original film, Shanti has developed a close friendship with Mowgli and has been tasked with guiding him through the work hours, allowing the two to interact and bond on a daily basis. At the beginning of the film, Mowgli tells the story of his life in the jungle to his new foster family, Shanti and her mother in the form of a shadow puppet show. Despite being entertained, Shanti expresses a small degree of skepticism when Mowgli states that his closest friends were a panther and a bear. Although Ranjan accidentally ruins the show, the audience laugh it off. Mowgli wonders how he will be able to finish the story but Ranjan thinks it is unnecessary as the audience already knows the ending as he reminds everyone how Mowgli fell for Shanti's eyes and followed her into the village. Shanti is quick to deny this but Mowgli gleefully recalls the day they first met, leading to the two exchanging flirtatious remarks. Ranjan's father, aware of their feelings for each other, tells Shanti that she has nothing to be embarrassed about and that he is grateful to her for bringing Mowgli to their lives. As Shanti and her mother are about to go home, Mowgli mischievously plays on her fears by warning her about Shere Khan lurking around, making her uneasy at first but quickly brushes it off by debunking the probability of such things happening. Once she is out of earshot, Mowgli and Ranjan plan to pull a prank on the girl the next morning.

Morning comes and the boys notice Shanti humming "My Own Home" as she heads to the river and follow her. As she fetches water, Mowgli and Ranjan surprise her by Mowgli pretending that he saw Shere Khan lurking around the other night and telling her to be careful, and Ranjan roaring at her so she falls into the river and the boys laugh at the now-soaking wet Shanti. Enraged, she declares the boys to be horrible for doing it, heads back to the village to dry off and takes Ranjan with her after deeming Mowgli a bad influence on him. Ranjan questions Shanti's fear of the jungle but her only reply is that it is dangerous. Her answer confuses Ranjan as it contradicts what Mowgli has told him about the jungle. Shanti warns him not to believe everything Mowgli tells him, suspecting he may have exaggerated his experience in the jungle. Knowing she has a crush on Mowgli, Ranjan is surprised to hear her doubts about him. Shanti admits she does like Mowgli as more than a friend but stops talking as she realizes Mowgli heard her, prompting her to blush in embarrassment. Mowgli tries to give her back her jug, which she slaps her head in disappointment, relunctantly accepts it and says "thank you", and attempts to convince his friend and brother that the jungle offers a life that the village cannot and demonstrates this by showing them a peeling trick. Shanti is unimpressed and debunks Mowgli's point by demonstrating an even more impressive peeling trick on a mango and reiterates her earlier statement about not listening to everything Mowgli says. Mowgli insists that Shanti is speaking out of ignorance and tells every present child that there is so much more to the jungle than just danger. Though skeptical, Shanti is amused by Mowgli's charisma (such as him juggling mangoes and playfully wrestling with her over the mango basket), fitted with a peacock-like crown by him and plays along as he rallies the village children until she notices he is trying to lead them into the jungle. She panics, takes off the peacock crown and inadvertently alerts Ranjan's father, who grounds Mowgli for his disobedience. She tries to apologize but Mowgli refuses to talk to her. Later that night, Shanti, feeling guilty for getting Mowgli into trouble, brings a bowl of fruit to Mowgli's hut to make amends.

Little does she know Shere Khan is waiting in the shadows of the village for Mowgli. Shanti soon finds Mowgli with Baloo and shouts at the sight of the bear and alerts the villagers of a wild animal. This awakens the villagers and they attack Shere Khan, thinking him to be the animal Shanti is referring to. During the havoc, Shanti sees Baloo and Mowgli flee for the jungle and the villagers are too preoccupied with Shere Khan to listen to her. Desperate and believing that Mowgli is being kidnapped, Shanti pursues them on her own, unaware that Ranjan is following her. She hesitates by the river as she sees Baloo running into the jungle but forces herself to go in after them for Mowgli's sake. In the jungle, Shanti's agrizoophobia kicks in as she heads deeper into the wilderness and encounters various frightening nocturnal creatures. She waves her torch in every direction to defend herself but unfortunately, this tactic backfires when she accidentally burns Kaa and exposes herself to him. The ravenous python begins stalking the girl and waits for the right moment to trap her.

Once Shanti realizes she is not alone, she faces her worst nightmare when Kaa reveals himself to the girl and due to her poor survival skills, the snake is easily able to frighten her into looking directly into his eyes and hypnotize her. She gives a blissful smile when the hypnosis starts taking effect, putting her in a trance immediately. Shanti drops her torch, leaving her defenseless. Kaa taunts her by playfully stroking her hair and condescendingly asking her if she is lost and hungry while making her nod her head to his questions. Having teased her enough, Kaa whispers into her ear that he is starving, bragging about her impending doom as he makes the helpless girl position herself to be eaten by him. Kaa makes her stand on a boulder as he prepares to strike. Fortunately, Ranjan saves her life by pulling her away from the snake's jaws and begins beating him up with a stick. Shanti hits the ground and instantly snaps out of her trance, waking up in confusion while Ranjan chases Kaa away. She is about to take Ranjan back to the village before he convinces her to let him help her.

The next day, as they still search for Mowgli, Shanti realizes that she is completely lost and is out of ideas until Ranjan finds several curly-shaped mango peelings, which Shanti recognizes as the peeling trick she taught him earlier and concludes that her friend is not far.

That same evening, she finds Mowgli sitting on a tree branch and rushes to him, overjoyed. She catches Mowgli by surprise and the boy falls down and gets tangled up in the vines hanging from the tree. As Shanti and Ranjan try to free him, Shanti asks where Mowgli's "kidnapper" is. Mowgli is about to dodge the issue when Baloo suddenly arrives at the scene and attempts to scare Shanti away only to be caught in the vines and get punched in the nose by the girl.

Mowgli intervines and chastises Baloo for scaring his friend. Shanti, confused, points out that he was attacking them, but the confused bear recalls Mowgli being the one who told him to do so, much to Shanti and Ranjan's surprise. Mowgli regrettably admits that he did in fact plan this, which breaks Shanti's heart and feeling disappointed and on the verge of tears, she runs off with Ranjan in a tow, finding it difficult to forgive the boy and refusing to listen to Mowgli's attempts to explain himself. Baloo confronts Mowgli about his indecisiveness and reiterates his statement that Shanti is nothing but trouble. Mowgli denies his claim and goes after Shanti and Ranjan to apologize but finds them standing in fear as Shere Khan has found them. Mowgli tells them to run to safety as the tiger approaches. Mowgli then throws dust at his eyes, and runs. Shere Khan goes after him. Mowgli tells Shanti and Ranjan to stay hidden and continues to run. Shanti's concern for Mowgli allows her to conquer her fear of wild animals and runs after him but orders Ranjan to stay hidden until she comes back. Ranjan attempts to follow her but encounters Baloo and warns him of what is happening. At the same time, Bagheera encounters the two and assists them. Shanti follows as Shere Khan chases Mowgli to an ancient temple where they are forced to hide in the shadows. Bagheera looks after Ranjan while Baloo rushes to the temple in order to aid the children.

She runs into Baloo and they quickly recognize each other (Baloo recognizes Shanti as the girl who punched him in the nose and lured Mowgli into the village two years ago, and Shanti recognizes Baloo as the wild bear who carried off Mowgli into the jungle and scared her and Ranjan), and start arguing until they realize their mutual goal to help Mowgli. Baloo suggests they cooperate, which Shanti agrees to and they each hide behind a gong and bang them to confuse Shere Khan, diverting his attention in hopes that it will give them the opportunity to sneak away. Unfortunately, Shanti's gong falls, showing herself to Shere Khan. He calls to Mowgli and threatens to kill Shanti unless he gives himself up. To ensure her safety, Mowgli reveals himself to the tiger, who immediately attacks him. Baloo tries to restrain Shere Khan as Shanti rushes to Mowgli and the two make a run for it. Shere Khan breaks free from Baloo and runs after the children, who leap upon a huge stone tiger head overlooking a lava lake. As they climb, Shere Khan goes after them. However, the stone head collapses and it falls with Mowgli, Shere Khan, and Shanti. Luckily, Baloo catches the children as Shere Khan falls to a ledge, and is then trapped by the head.

The trio leaves the temple and reunites with Bagheera and Ranjan. As Shanti is introduced to Bagheera as Mowgli's best friend from the village, they spot the village search party nearby. Shanti is delighted but Mowgli is reluctant to go, hoping Shanti would stay with him and his old family in the jungle instead. Although Shanti has come to empathize with Mowgli regarding the jungle, she knows she can never be a part of it like he is. Shanti takes Ranjan and slowly heads towards the search party and just like the day they first met, Shanti lets Mowgli decide for himself whether or not he wants to come with her. Having gained respect for Shanti for her loyalty and courage, Baloo is convinced that Mowgli is in good hands and realizes that the man-cub cares about her too much to let her go. As such, Baloo encourages the boy to go. Mowgli catches up with Shanti and decides he wants to go back with her, much to her joy. Mowgli, Shanti, and Ranjan then reunite with their families. Shanti watches in awe as Mowgli reconciles with his adoptive father and is flattered when Ranjan reveals to everyone that he saved her life from a snake. The search party then heads back to the village.

A few days later, Mowgli and Shanti head to the river to get some water, accompanied by Ranjan. However, their main intention is to visit Baloo and Bagheera. The trio meets with them and begin touring the jungle while singing "Bare Necessities." As the group meanders into the jungle, Mowgli and Shanti hold hands as the film ends, entering a romantic relationship and thus cementing the future Shanti wished for in her song the day she met Mowgli. As such, she is destined to live a long and happy life with Mowgli in the Man Village.

Adventures of Mowgli[]

Shanti is not seen nor mentioned by name, but like in The Spring Running, Mowgli encounters an unnamed girl in the jungle, who was shocked at the sight of him and ran off back to the village. Like Disney's version, she was collecting water in a jar.

Other Appearances[]

The Jungle Book Groove Party[]

Shanti appears at the very end of the game although her voice can be heard humming a song in the middle. Following the story of the film, Mowgli meets Shanti and the two become smitten with one another. As Shanti begins to return to the village, she invites Mowgli to join her, which he accepts.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures[]

Shanti herself does not appear in the game but she is mentioned by Mowgli when he assigns the player one of his tasks. This is one of the only pieces of media that refers to Shanti as her name given in The Jungle Book 2 rather than simply "The Girl".

Disney Parks[]

She is in a park of some sort, mostly appearing in Journey in The Jungle Book Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and briefly appears in The Jungle Book segment for Disney on Ice's Jungle Adventures.


  • Shanti's animation from the original film was used as a reference by Mark Henn when animating Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
  • Shanti had a solo to sing about finding her friend Mowgli, but the scene was deleted on account of Disney producers deciding that the song would take too much attention from Mowgli and the story plot.
  • It is unknown who Shanti's father is or if he is still alive.
  • Even though she wasn't raised in the jungle, she somehow can speak to the other animals.
  • Shanti is shown with great skills of peeling a Mango.
  • It's unknown what Shanti had reasons for fearing the jungle as it could be due to her father as we never see him in the film and why Ranjan's father has a scar on his arm.
  • Mae Whitman, the voice for Shanti, is better known for voicing Katara in The Last Airbender and April in the 2012 TMNT series,
  • When you hear and see Shanti ripping her skirt on a branch when she went into the jungle to look for Mowgli you don't see the rip anywhere for the rest of the movie.
  • In The Jungle Book, Shanti was only known as The Girl. In the sequel, it was revealed that her name is Shanti.
  • Shanti's appearance in the Jungle Book is far from the one in the Jungle Book 2. In the first film, she is shown with pigtails and bows in her hair and wears pink, depicting a more feminine nature, while in the second film, she has a more conventional Indian look.
  • The name Shanti means "peace" in various Indian languages.
  • While the character doesn't appear in Kipling's original Jungle Book stories, it's later revealed that Mowgli - now a young man - married an unnamed Indian woman and had a son with her, all of them living in the jungle together with Mowgli's animal friends. It's possible that Shanti is the Disney adaption of that woman.
  • Shanti was also based on an unnamed woman that briefly appears in "The Spring Running" from The Second Jungle Book.
  • Like most of the people of the Man Village, Shanti walks around barefoot
  • Shanti claims to get grounded all the time


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