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This character has multiple pages, because of it's differences in all the differend movies, series and books.
This article is about the character from the TV Series.
You may be looking for Shere Khan (original), Shere Khan (Disney's animated films), Shere Khan (1994), Shere Khan (Mowgli's Story), Shere Khan (2016), Shere Khan (2018), Shere Khan (1997), Shere Khan (1942), Shere Khan (Shōnen Mowgli), Shere Khan (Jetlag film), Shere Khan (Adventures of Mowgli), Shere Khan (Mowgli's Brothers) or Shere Khan (1990).

Shere Khan is a man-eating male Bengal tiger that is going to kill and eat Mowgli, but often fails in his attempts. He has a scar on his left eye. Shere Khan lost one of his claws in an earlier fight with Mowgli who keeps the claw as a pendant.

He is also the main antagonist of the series.


Shere Khan is smart, agile, sneaky but very cruel. This tiger has only shown to be helpful to himself seen in Treasure of the Cold Lair. But proven to be a scaredy cat shown in Legend of Giant Claw. Shere Khan appears to be protective of his throne shown in Baloo the King.

But when facing defeat on rare occasions, he can be humble, dignified and grateful like when Mowgli saved him in Stranded.

Shere Khan is also very arrogant and sure of his power and ultimately has a right to be as has taken down Baloo and Bagheera without effort.


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