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This article is about the character from The Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli.
You may be looking for Shere Khan (original), Shere Khan (Disney's animated films), Shere Khan (2016), Shere Khan (1994), Shere Khan (Mowgli's Story), Shere Khan (2018), Shere Khan (1997), Shere Khan (1942), Shere Khan (Jetlag film), Shere Khan (Adventures of Mowgli), Shere Khan (Mowgli's Brothers), Shere Khan (3D TV series) or Shere Khan (1990).

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Shere Khan was a male Bengal tiger, and the main antagonist in The Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli. He was fearless and indomitable of most things, except he is a pyrophobe (one who fears fire), he is frightened by guns and he withdraws when it comes to an elephant named Hathi. His loathing for humans is part of a history and goes back to his first ancestor's encounter with one.

Shere Khan is a tiger who violates many laws of the jungle, including eating humans and cattle, and over-hunting. He has his service with hyenas and monkeys (and his right hand is the most trusted hyena henchman, Tabaqui) and is also one who pushed the path of the evil Grizzle, a wolf who was once part of the Seeonee wolf pack. Plus, he also appears as Alba's boss.


Shere Khan is a large yellow, black striped tiger, with a brown nose and white eyes. He has an injury on his right hind leg dealt by Alexander in a fight over Mowgli. Later, other injuries he would receive include: A piercing being made in his forehead after Mowgli attacks him with a long, narrow, sharp-edged rock; the wound over his left eye being made, again by Mowgli, slashing it with a blade in requital for slashing Mowgli's left thigh and harming one of his new human friends/future family members, leaving the tiger disfigured; and in the last showdown, Mowgli defeats and slays Shere Khan by stabbing him in one of his sides.


He is evil, ruthless, recalcitrant, malicious, merciless, aggressive, arrogant, homicidal, brutal, psychopathic, cruel, abusive, cowardly (with a fear of fire), murderous, sadistic, misanthropic, traitorous, treacherous, tyrannical, barbaric, charismatic, manipulative, vengeful, xenophobic, egotistical, oppressive, conspirative, calculative, intelligent, and dangerous. He may seem lazy, but is incredibly vicious, especially to his hyena henchman, Tabaqui.


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