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Tabaqui was a male jackal that lived in the jungle.

He fed on scraps from either Shere Khan or the wolves of the Seeonee Pack. He was unpopular with the wolves, due to his mock cordiality, and habit of sucking up to Shere Khan. He visited Mowgli's adoptive parents, Mother and Father Wolf shortly before Mowgli's arrival, and they were clearly annoyed by his presence, since he announced that Shere Khan the tiger was hunting in their territory. Tabaqui was later killed by one of Mowgli's 'siblings', Gray Brother, who crushes his back.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018 film)[]

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Media portrayals[]

Tabaqui has been featured in a few film/animated Jungle Book adaptations, but usually portrayed as a hyena. Coincidentally because hyenas are also scavengers.

  • In Chuck Jones' made for-TV cartoon Mowgli's Brothers, Tabaqui is accurately portrayed as the sniveling Jackal who serves Shere Khan. Even so, people who see the program, and know Chuck Jones, would think of Wile E. Coyote of Looney Tunes fame, because of how Tabaqui looks identical to him in the cartoon. He was voiced by Roddy McDowall.
  • In the anime series The Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli, Tabaqui is a striped hyena, while in the live-action movie The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story, Tabaqui is portrayed as a spotted hyena, that is very strange because spotted hyenas live only in Africa and are not solitary animals (though spotted hyenas did live in the middle east and even Europe).
  • In the 1990 Bevanfield Films adaptation, Tabaqui appears as a Jackal, yet his cartoonish appearance and reddish fur makes him strongly resemble that of Wile E. Coyote. His role in the story mirrors that of previous works.
  • Tabaqui also appears in the Russian made Adventures of Mowgli, and portrayed as a true jackal.
  • He also appears in the Jetlag version, although he appears to be more of a leopard or cheetah (the latter species used to live in India, but are extinct there today), however he was given a hyena-like laugh.
  • Tabaqui is set to appear in the 2018 latest adaptation ‘’Mowgli’’ where he will be voiced by Tom Hollander. Here, he will be portrayed as a striped hyena.
  • In the 2010 CGI Series, Tabaqui is shown as a Fox instead of a Jackal.


  • Tabaqui is one of few characters from the book that did not appear in Disney's Jungle Book, but he was originally planned for the sequel, and his name was given to one of the minor antagonistic men in Disney's 1994 live action film adaptation.
  • Toto/Cassius the panther from Kimba the White Lion resembles Tabaqui (specifically his appearances as a Hyena), except for Aryll's New World from Astro Boy Productions, renamed of Tabaqui.
  • It's possible Tabaqui was incarnated as a hyena in some adaptations because hyenas have been known to eat jackals.
  • Originally Tabaqui was to appear in The Jungle Book (1967) but removed due to Bill Peet leaved Disney.
  • In real life jackals are scavengers, but will go after live prey and have even been known to eat fruit, and are not the cowardly creatures as it was portrayed in the stories especially if they are protective of their young.
  • In The Jungle Book 2, Tabaqui was once rumored to be voiced by Jeff Goldblum.
  • In Russian magic realist novel "A house in which..." by Mariam Petrosyan, one of the main characters is nicknamed Tabaqui, after the jackal.
  • Shenzi,Banzai and Ed from The Lion King and Nne and Janja from The Lion Guard resembles as Tabaqui (his appearances as a hyena),and he have his clan

Voices of Tabaqui[]

Divakar Menon - Adventures of Mowgli

Terrence Scammel - Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli

Roddy McDowall - Mowgli's Brothers

Terry Klassen - Jungle Book (1995)

Stephen Tobolowsky - The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story

Nigel Pilikinton - Jungle Book (CGI)

Tom Hollander - Mowgli: Legends of the Jungle


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