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This article is about the character from the TV Series.
You may be looking for Tabaqui, Tabaqui (original), Tabaqui (2018), Tabaqui (Mowgli's Story), Tabaqui (1942), Tabaqui (Shōnen Mowgli), Tabaqui (Jetlag film), Tabaqui (Adventures of Mowgli) or Tabaqui (Mowgli's Brothers).

Tabaqui is a male Indian jackal who is Shere Khan's sycophantic, greedy, and devious sidekick where he lacks the courage to disagree with his tiger master. He is usually the one who sets up traps for Mowgli so Shere Khan can eat him.


Tabaqui is just sneaky and cunning as Shere Khan, but is not fierce like the tiger. He can also be pretty cowardly sometimes. And yet, the jackal is also shown to be lazy seen in Monster of The Cold Lair, when he saw easier to take food from others instead of hunting for it.

Despite his mistreatment from Shere Khan, Tabaqui was loyal to him, even showing his concerned and caring side towards the tiger in Kitty Kat Khan.


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