List of characters on Disneys The Jungle Book's Jungle CubsEdit

all characters from The Jungle Book.


  • Mowgli - (Voice: Harley Joel Osment): A man-cub lives in the jungle, befriends Baloo and Bagheera, A main villain named Buldeo the Hunter.
  • Baloo - (Voice: Pamela Adlon): A bear, Mowgli befriends Baloo.
  • Bagheera - (Voice: Elizabeth Daily): A panther, Bagheera plays with Mowgli.
  • Colonel Hathi - (Voice: Rob Paulson): A elephant, He marching with Mowgli.
  • King Louie - (Voice: Cree Summer): A orangutan, He climbs with Mowgli.
  • Kaa - (Voice: Jim Cummings): A python, Shere Khan's henchmen snake.
  • Shere Khan - (Voice: Jason Marsden): A villainous tiger.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Shanti - (Voice: Saily Struthers): A young village-girl loves with Mowgli.
  • Akela - (Voice: Ed Gilbert): A wolf pack befriens with Mowgli.
  • Monkeys - (Voice: Janna Michaels): The two monkeys fun with Mowgli.
  • Elephants - (Voice: R. J. Williams): The two elephants: Junior and Winifred.
  • The Vultures - (Voice: Ed Gilbert & Pat Farley): The eight vultures from 1967 The Jungle Book.
  • 4 Animals - (Voice: Jim Cummings): A crocodile, an elephant, an moose-deer, a rhinoceros and a hyena.
  • Buldeo - (Voice: Tony Jay): A main villain named hunter, Let's catch with Mowgli.