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The Jungle Book - is an 1990 animated film produced by golden films.

Unlike Disney Version Characters are Anthropomorphic, Kaa and Akela Expanded Roles.

One of First Golden Films project.


Mowgli  Baloo  Bagheera  Akela  Bandar-Log  Chil  Kaa  Hathi  Raksha  ' Rama' ' Wolf Cubs'

Differences with the literature[]

  • Characters are Anthropomorphic.
  • Characters like Tabaqui and Jacala are not present in the film
  • Shere Khan is Eaten by Kaa instead Trampled by Buffaloes
  • Council Rock are working Shere Khan Much like Adventures of Mowgli, Jetlag Productions, Shonen Mowgli (Episode 6 only) and Mowgli: Legend of Jungle.
  • Akela dies at hand of Bandar-Log.