The Film Starts with Mowgli (Jamie Williams) being chased by two large chimps (sent by King Murphy) to capture him. Mowgli is saved by his friends: Baloo the bear, Grey Wolf, and Bagheera the panther when they scare the two chimps away. Mowgli and Baloo play in a pond splashing with the elephants after the chimps leave.

The next morning, Mowgli and Grey Wolf (like hunters) set off on a trail. As Grey Wolf hunts, Mowgli walks to a river in which Shere Khan the tiger appears scaring Mowgli into the river. Shere Khan walks away plotting to get revenge on Mowgli.

Harrison (Bill Campbell) who's on a train in the jungle collects things. Chuchundra (David Paul Francis) is on the same train. His pet monkey Timo is tamed to be a good monkey. However the train almost hits Mowgli who's on the track. The people (who are circus scouts) capture Mowgli. Mowgli's friends arrive to the train too late to save Mowgli. With the help of Timo, Mowgli escapes from the train. Chuchundra complains for Timo to come back, but Timo pays attention to helping Mowgli escape. While on the train roof, Chuchundra's shirt gets caught on a tree branch and Chuchundra falls on the track after the train leaves.

At The train station, Harrison has an idea to capture Mowgli: Buldeo could help him by tracking him down. Buldeo (Gulshan Grover) who is actually Mowgli's uncle plans to kill him. Buldeo tricks Harrison by agreeing to track Mowgli down. However Karait (Dyrk Ashton) a snake charmer joins them on the search. His snake is named Kaa.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Mowgli finds a record player. It plays Mowgli's parents getting killed by Shere Khan. Mowgli also finds a white hat. Timo spies a tent and unhooks it letting the two chimps out. The chimps ride on a wagon over the edge of a cliff hanging onto a tree branch (dangling over a river) on the way down.

The three trackers run into Chuchundra on the track while riding on a cart and Chuchundra joins them for the search. The next day, one of the wolves in Mowgli's family rips the white hat in half and kicks Mowgli out of the family. Mowgli however breaks the law of the jungle. Bagheera scares Timo away when roaring at Mowgli. Mowgli then searches for Timo along with Baloo. On the search Mowgli finds a necklace. The next day, Mowgli and Baloo arrive at a ruin city that the Monkey People lived. (The City was abandoned many years ago by men.) Meanwhile Baloo is caged by one of the chimps and Mowgli looks for Timo himself. The four trackers arrive at the ruin city. Mowgli cimbs a tree and falls asleep. Karait sends Kaa to pull him off. Kaa does and Mowgli is caught in a net by the hunters and taken to the campsite. Chuchundra finds the necklace Mowgli wore and realizes Timo has been through some danger. When Buldeo pets Mowgli, Mowgli bites his finger. Buldeo's scream comes from the distance and Shere Khan hears.

Shere Khan walks to the campsite attacking Chuchundra. Mowgli uses a torch to scare the tiger away. The rope holding Mowgli (in which Harrison tied to Mowgli) snaps and Mowgli chases Shere Khan away. Buldeo uses his jacket to pull Mowgli away from running and almost kills him using a knife. Harrison comes to Mowgli's rescue and puts him in a cage. Karait locks him in. It is night and Mowgli howls for his friends.

Baloo (who escaped from the dungeon he was caged in) rescues Mowgli at dawn. Chuchundra wakes up and is scared of Baloo causing his butt to burn in the campfire. Mowgli and Baloo escape just as the other men wake up.

Mowgli and Baloo run to the ruin city where Mowgli finds Timo and meets King Murphy (Roddy McDowell). However King Murphy wants Mowgli to be the new king but Mowgli refuses and runs off with Timo while King Murphy and the chimps are in a food fight. Mowgli and Timo run through a hole in the wall in another room. The way outside is on the ceiling. There are cobras in the room that are trying to kill them. Meanwhile the four men arrive in the city and split up to find Mowgli.

Buldeo meets King Murphy who calls the chimps and Buldeo uses his gun to try and kill them and wastes his bullets. Harrison finds Mowgli using a rope to help Mowgli out of the room. Timo climbs out and pushes Harrison's hat in the room on a cobra. Mowgli has a tough time even getting on the rope because of the cobras. Once he does a cobra snaps at the rope nearly causing Mowgli to let go. He still manages to get up but before he can get to safety Buldeo arrives and pushes Harrison away. He then uses his rifle to squish Mowgli's hand but Mowgli gets his hand out. Once he does Buldeo gets out his knife and cuts the rope and Mowgli falls back into the room. Buldeo says to watch out for the cobras and that the poison of the cobras will kick in after five minutes and after that Mowgli will die. Mowgli pulls his head away from a cobra which snaps at him and misses. The two men start a fight using knives as weapons. Buldeo wins kicking Harrison down some stairs and giving him an injured leg.

Buldeo almost kills Mowgli with a gun when Baloo and Bagheera arrive. Buldeo falls down a hill while Bagheera chases him away from Mowgli. The two chimps wear Buldeo's belt and coat (what Buldeo threw at Baloo and Bagheera). Harrison picks up a stick so he can walk. Seeing Bagheera chasing Buldeo, Harrison walks back to Mowgli who is still despretly trying to avoid the cobras who are crawling around him.

After being attacked by the wolves, Karait walks to Mowgli to help him. (The wolves thought Karait was trying to kill Mowgli). Karait uses Kaa to help Mowgli out of the room with the help of Harrison (who Mowgli gives the hat back to). Chuchundra finds Timo and Timo is reunited with Chuchundra. Karait leaves with Kaa.

King Murphy tells the chimps to shoot the cannon (where Buldeo is hiding) to honor Mowgli. Buldeo is shot out of the cannon into tree branches where Shere Khan finds him and eats him. Mowgli then decides to run with the wolves saying goodbye to Timo, Harrison and Chuchundra.

The Film ends with Mowgli running with the wolves.

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