There is a Seal named Kotick who happens to be white. He witnesses a hundred seals being skinned to make seal-skin boots. He wants to give the seals a refuge away from this act, so he goes to explore islands. On one island he meets Sea Vitch, who tells him of Sea Cow. Sea Cow would lead the seals to a quiet island. He goes to many other islands, but men know of them. He finally hauls out onto an island where he meets Sea Cow at last. The sea cows guide him to the island he was looking for. He goes back to his home, but the other seals laugh at him. He is forced to wound them in fight, and afterwards they follow. It is told that every year, more and more seals come to Kotick's secret island.

Cartoon Edit

The White Seal is a Animated tv special released in 1975. Only Cartoon Narrated Roddy Mcdowell also voiced all male characters. One Female Character voiced June Foray.


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