This is me sharing what companies I'd recommend for cooperation of a new series that respects Mowgli's whole tale both books put into one show whether movie or episodes. My recommendations of how to improve Mowgli's story comes from how much I enjoy fiction of animals more than the ancient myths. I wish Tabaqui was included in the animated movies, and I wish the dholes didn't experience war, it's the wild canines I feel compassionate for. But a canine or another animal I'm willing to accept reality of wildlife. So I'd say the next series should let the animals be shown the biological way more than the old mythical way. I was close to tears when I read the chapter titled Red Dogs since Mowgli cut a dhole's tail, and the jackal following the tiger is as natural as wolves following ravens. I'd let the three cousins respect each other like how much Balto and his daughter Aleu respect their Alaskan wolf cousins in Balto's animated sequel. I'd let Tabaqui in this show act similar to the Tabaqui in the 3D TV series when he's near the tiger but I'd let him be more satisfied or curious when looking at one of his cousins wolf and dhole, it's his scenes of helping Mowgli by surprise that really make me like the 3D TV series that shows Tabaqui who's supposed to be a jackal but is colored more like a fox.

When you wonder what companies should form the motion picture or who should should voice the characters I'd suggest this new motion picture of the Jungle Book be respectful like Fern Gully like how sincerely the fairies want to protect the wild animals in their tropic homelands, musical as if combining Rio, Lion Guard and the animated sequel of the Jungle Book, balanced reaction like Brother Bear, The Fox and The Hound, and Pocahontas's calm scenes with animals put together for examples of Mowgli's own new reactions shown to the jungle animals while he wanders or chats and even while he's being taught by his pack like how calmly Koda taught Kenai, how sesible Big Mama's words were for Tod, and how quietly animals follow Pocahontas while she runs in the forest or rides her canoe. Scenes of humans done similar to Kronk's New Groove, The Sword In The Stone, and Jane's scenes with Tarzan in Disney's animation, like when Kronk looking happily at the squirrel pleased to share a nut, like Arthur learns lessons in the forest with Merlin, and when Jane cares about Tarzan and helps him save the gorillas near the end of his first movie made by Disney.

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